Project and transformation champion

23 April, 2017
Project and transformation champion

Mahdi Alami Hamdan is Technical Manager at Al Taqnyah Business Solutions.

Mahdi Alami Hamdan is the Technical Manager at Al Taqnyah Business Solutions, a diversified application developer and system integrator. As the technical manager, he is responsible for pre-sales of enterprise solutions and sets the technology direction of the company. He specifically manages the electronic transformation projects executed by Al Taqnyah involving government and public sector entities.

His work strengths are his significant capability in project management and forte with all things technology. Mahdi is a certified professional in project management, EMC Documentum, Adobe LiveCycle, OMG, and Docuware. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering and also studied for a year at Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.

“I love putting technologies together to come up with solid proposals, which I later pitch to clients. Fast proposition and delivery remains the number one challenge, where everything is required quickly with absolutely no compromise on quality,” explains Mahdi on what gives him the best satisfaction on the job.

Amongst the most-high profile projects have been Sudan Judiciary, Dubai Courts, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, Supreme Council of National Security, Hamdan Awards for Distinguished Academic Achievement, Maktoum Initiatives for Legal Excellence, Abu Dhabi Justice Department, European commission, Rhodia Chemicals, amongst others. Handling such complex and prestigious projects requires a mix of diverse talent involving deep relationships with customers, strong understanding of change management and project management, understanding of employee roles and workflow capabilities, ability to apply technology repeatedly to meet customer expectations and results.

“I love putting technologies together to come up with solid proposals which I later pitch to clients”

For Mahdi, the most exciting part of his career is being a key player in the electronic justice projects for over seven plus years and noticing the social impact of his involvement on the quality of judicial services delivered to citizens and residents.

He does not adopt any specific management style to work with his peers and technology teams. “While my position requires me to self-direct and micro-manage, depending on the subordinate I do prefer giving them the freedom for self-direction whenever I can,” he elaborates.

After hours, he destresses by indulging in playing the guitar, singing and swimming. For Mahdi, “these are great stress busters!”

But for Mahdi his real passion remains in technology and forward looking trends in process automation. He points out that Internet of Things and security are the hot topics of discussion in 2017. However, the twelve months that he spent getting on the job training at a power plant in Nagoya, Japan may soon take him and his career is an altogether new direction in the not so distant future. ” I have great interest in process automation,” is a possible clue on what lies ahead.

Responsible for spearheading complex transformation projects, Mahdi Alami Hamdan uses a blend of project management, process understanding and applied technology to consistently deliver results.    

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